Dr. med. Anne Mondal

Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics
Special obstetrics and perinatal medicine, QMB
  • Born and raised in Saarlouis
  • Married, 1 child
  • Living in Düsseldorf

Curriculum vitae:

2000 - 2007   Studies in human medicine in Aachen
2008 - 2017   Work at the university hospital Düsseldorf, clinic for gynaecology and obstetrics (UFK)
2008 - 2017   Head of the consultation for child and youth gynaecology and abortion consultation of the UFK Düsseldorf
2011   Colposcopy diploma of the AGCPC
2011   Coordinator of the dysplasia unit of the UFK Düsseldorf
2012   Specialist for gynaecology and obstetrics
2012   Psychosomatic basic care
2013   Additional designation: Medical qualify management (QMB)
2015   Additional designation: Special obstetrics and perinatal medicine
2015 - 2017   Senior physician, coordinator of the gynaecology cancer centre, UFK Düsseldorf